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Originally Posted by magxm15 View Post
Unfortunately Sonny, the problems you are having are typical of QWW machines in general - not just the gassers. You are very fortunate that you have the means to re-machine some of the parts, most people don't. I purchased a new QWW .46 pro carbon kit a few years back. It was a nightmare! It had a ton of missing parts. QWW did make good on the missing parts though, I will give them credit for that. My main gear was out of round also, but not as bad as yours. There were a host of other issues that took me quite a while to get straightened out. When I finally got it flying, I was less than impressed with it's performance. It was very stable, but felt heavy in the air - sluggish compared to the Raptor 30 I had at the time. I sold it on Ebay and took a major loss. I was just glad to see it gone. QWW machines have terrible resale value. They say their new machines are better, but I for one, will never give them another cent. Burn me once , shame on them. Burn me twice, shame on me! I'm sure with your ability and resources, you will do just fine - but the bottom line is you shouldn't have had to go through all of this just to get this heli right. Good luck Sonny
Thanks there bro. Ya I've been tempted to just get a Bergen or MA airframe and move all the electrics and motor over. At a $1000 it's still a good deal if I do just that. I desided to give Erwin and his outfit a real ernest go. There's still some really nice aspects to this design. I can still just get another machine if need be. But I think I can fix most of this. Kind of an interesting challenge. Even If I put a new head from some other company on it. with some of these issues mentioned, the locktighted mixer levers and week phasing pins It's no wonder QWW has had flight failier issues at some of the flies in the past.
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