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I have the Neuron on a Trex 250 and was getting terrible wag at first but now its pretty locked in.

Start with 20 on P gain
Turn D gain to 0
Turn I gain to 0
Turn off cyclic precomp
Turn off Pitch precomp
Use a throttle curve and not the governor until you have tail sorted.

Hover the heli and do pitch pumps. With I and D at zero you will find the tail will drift on take off. Adjust tail linkage until drift is minimized.

Increase I gain to 3% and then start increasing P gain in order to get the tail locked in. Increase it until you get a high frequency vibe then decrease just enough to eliminate it.

Once P gain is set adjust I gain slowly until all drift is eliminated or until you get a low frequency wag then reduce enough to get rid of it.

To set D check how the tail stops. If you notice overshoot increase D until the tail stops solid without any overshoot.

Now add back in just enough pitch precomp to keep the tail from kicking on hard pitch pumps.

Add just enough Cyclic precomp to prevent tail kicks on hard cyclic.

The tail will now be close and flyable. Fly the heli and fine tune the gains.

This is all assuming your tail is mechanically sound.

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