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Originally Posted by Termite View Post
This may be a funny question but how is one supposed to "spool up slow" when the heli keeps trying to tip over prior to take-off? I have to put in constant cyclic to get it off the ground and take off pretty quickly.
You know, I've been wondering if I have some special skill since I read all the time about having to "pop" it off the ground. Unless I want to make a statement of launch, I'm able to spool and take off at any speed I choose! With the 230S, there is a little "jerk" when first spooling, but once there is momentum on the blades,I just back it off and lift-off slow and smooth. For those paying attention, I do this in high rates which are set at 100%.

I do fly scale (when not being silly) which might be one reason I have this control. Something about making it respond like a real heli that I really enjoy..... now once off the ground and warmed up, I enjoy flying like a hummingbird on crack!

In all seriousness, I'm nothing special.... I did stay at a Holiday Inn once though!
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