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I've been trying to get this thing running all night tried several combinations and the Naze still won't respond to my TX.
I'm running naze32 Rev 5, latest Betaflight rev, Spektrum dx7s, arx8000 dsmx main RX to bind, spektrum dsmx sat and have also tried with a spare carbon version sat.

Black wire on top gray wire on bottom Pad(4) orange wire @ 3.3V

Settings Seem correct...
Uart2=RX=Serial RX
Receiver Mode=RX_SERIAL
Serial Receiver Provider=SPEKTRUM2048
Channel Map=TAER1234

I can bind the sat to the main receiver no issues attach it to the Naze and it binds no issues.

Ive tried set Spektrum_sat_bind =7&9 and the sat blips for a split second wont come back on and wont bind...

Ive ohm'd the signal wire and it fine I'm not sure what else to do any help or input is much appreciated
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