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Grumpy_old_man and jgiannakas, I think you guys are still talking two different things.

Grumpy_old_man, on the DX18, I think you can assign a mix to a switch, and that is what you are doing, correct?
So you are basically mixing the gyro gain channel onto itself, when the switch is activated.
I am pretty sure you can use one single mix, with -100% and OFFSET 100% to achieve the same that you have now, that is: perfect "reversal" of the value of the gyro channel.

Instead, jgiannakas, I assume you with a DX6i have the same problem as me with the DX8: you have to assign an unused channel to the switch (say, AUX2) and mix THAT into the gyro channel, so you will never achieve a perfect mathematical "reversal" of the value of the gyro channel, but if you change the gyro gain value you will have to change the "negative" value of the mix to reverse it properly. And you will have the same negative value when activating Rescue regardless of the FM you are in, because the current value of the gyro channel is not accounted for in the mix.
Still, I think you can also do it with a single mix changing the OFFSET to 100%.

If I am wrong, please tell me, I am still looking for a better solution with the DX8...
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