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Originally Posted by Grumpy_Old_Man View Post
I didn't 'need' a different bank, it would have worked by just assigning a flight mode for rescue. The reason i prefered bank switching was that way i could rescue using whatever headspeed I was flying at without rescue activation also causing a change in headspeed. I figured that performing rescue while also changing headspeed might cause issues.

If doing rescue off a flight mode then it would have saved me all the trouble of doing this mix, I could have simply used a gain value assigned to the rescue flight mode... But i guess I like to make things difficult!
You ARE making it too complicated ))))

Forget about the Spektrum manual you see on the Spirit forum.
That's for 6 channel radios.

Just keep bank 0, and setup the Rescue you want, there, in the Stabi tab.
Setup your TH behaviour and FM behaviour in an absolutely normal way, like you have always done before Spirit.

Your mix will activate Rescue by inverting the Gyro value to its negative.

No change in Throttle Curve nor in Pitch Curve.

As simple as that.
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