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Originally Posted by fareneight View Post
Hi, Bill Van, thank yu for your work, but i have a question:
I'm a beginner and, i fly in "stability mode".As the helis of other members, my heli is drifting forward and left.
must i do the trim flight procedure or must i simply update the ar636 ignored to benefit of the trainer qualities of my Blade 230s ?
Since you have limited experience, I recommend that you do the firmware update first. From what I've been told, this update solves most if not all of the "out of the box" trim issues. After doing the update, then go through the calibration process and then test fly your 230S. If a trim flight is needed, the heli should be a lot more manageable so your trim flight will have a better chance of being successful. Keep us posted, there are a few threads and a video on how to perform these steps. Look around and give them a try. Good Luck!
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