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But to charge a battery you have to have more voltage going in than the battery is rated at. Ok so let's say you get a step up regulator that has an adjustable output. You have to set the output to at least 13.8 volts with no load. Then you connect the battery and have to readjust the output to 13.8 volts. The current is going to drop a bit as the regulator needs some of that to operate. So let's say you have 1.5 amps on the output with the battery connected at 13.8 volts.
That power supply is going to get hot and getting hot reduces it's efficiency.

My question is why bother with all that when you can get a charger for a song and a dance that will run off 110 from the wall or a cigarette adaptor that plugs in to the lighter socket or an aux socket you can install yourself? If he's planning to charge batteries off his lappy, he better be careful. It's all to easy to blow out the usb power regulator. Besides any charger worth its salt is adjustable and has an lcd screen so you can see what's going on. LiPo's are inherently dangerous and mostly in the charging stage.
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