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Originally Posted by fareneight View Post
Hi, Bill Van, thank yu for your work, but i have a question:
I'm a beginner and, i fly in "stability mode".As the helis of other members, my heli is drifting forward and left.
must i do the trim flight procedure or must i simply update the ar636 ignored to benefit of the trainer qualities of my Blade 230s ?
First, let me pass on my thoughts and prayers for those involved in the attack in Paris. God be with you and your countrymen.

Regarding the 230S, do the update, then the calibration procedure, then a trim flight if necessary. Be sure to follow the instructions closely when doing the calibration procedure. Also, make sure you are in S1 (flight mode 1) when you perform the calibration flight.

I just flew a new 230S after updating and calibrating and found no trim flight was required. Heli was rock solid. S1 and S2 were also rock solid with no drifting at all. Good Luck, I'll try to follow the thread more carefully and watch for your post in case you need further information.

If you don't have the calibration instructions, I posted the English version a few posts up. You should be able to get the French version from the Horizon Hobby web site. Good Day!
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