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Originally Posted by Krea View Post
I have to agree with others that I don't see the point of changing the current behavior. Rescue should be a very short violent event that keeps a heli from impact and stops controlling the heli as soon as possible. If you start configuring all these extra settings for rescue you introduce more chances for error.

If the flip is too fast then the heli itself can be flipped too fast and the cyclic ring should be reduced.

Also, Once you get to an acro rescue you don't need any of those extra settings.

I understand the desired result, however I don't think an extra setting in rescue is the correct solution.
No chance of error, if I use Rescue normal and I am close to inverted the heli will level and climb for the set duration, then flip when there is no chance of crash anymore. Why should it be a "violent event" then? No need.

Anyway, you cannot flip with full power... cyclic rotation rate is in play when you command the flip. It looks like it is not when the flip is commanded by Rescue algorithm.

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