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Grumpy_Old_Man, could you maybe share your setup of DX18 in a bit more detail?

I have a DX9 and I think your settings may help me with what I want to achieve.

Idealy I would like to be able to have the following:

3 flight modes with 3 different head speeds / gains

From any of the flight modes I would like to be able to activate either stability mode or rescue mode.

I am assuming I will need to do some creative mixing etc.

Would also like to have the Stability mode activation on one switch e.g. Switch F on DX9 - Top right and the Rescue on a different switch e.g. Switch C position - Top Left - will be moving bind to this position and replacing with momentary.

Hope I have explained that ok.

Any pointers, ideas etc. will be welcome.

I know this is quite a complicated setup, but I would like to be able to do all of these functions so I can demo the unit to potential buyers, so the more options I can demo, the better.

I can set this up on the Original Red Spirit or the Spirit Pro - have both.

Currently using a 6ch Rx wired to the Spirit (Red) on my Trex 550, but can replace with an AR8000 or AR9020 if that will give me more options.
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