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Originally Posted by mikenike View Post
I have a dx9. Replaced the li-ion battery with a spectrum 4000mah lipo. I changed the battery type in the radio to lipo. What do I want program in for an alarm voltage.
It should change the default on its own depending on which chemistry is chosen when you changed the programming. If I remember correctly, Lipo and Li ion are the same at around 6.4V default.

That is why there is the requirement to tell the TX which battery type, so it sets the default itself to prevent going below 3-3.2V per cell compared to a Nicad or other type of chemistry which will have a lower threshold.

You can change it if you wish, and some stick to the 3.7V per cell rule like we do for the heli itself, but the default will be fine since TX packs are not under hard loads like the heli packs are
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