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Default Many thanks but query...

Originally Posted by ArchmageAU View Post
It's a good start.........
Adjust = ((M-OS)/100)*RH and ((M-OS)/100)*-RL
M = Master Channel
OS = Offset
RH = Rate High (over 0 mix)
RL = Rate Low (under 0 mix)

In excel format:
cell B1=RH (label in cell A1 = "Rate High")
cell B2=RL (label in cell A2 = "Rate Low")
cell B3=OS (label in cell A3 = "Offset")
(label in cell A4 = "Master", label in cell B4 = "Mix")
cells A5 to A100 are the master values -150 -> +150 (choose your own granularity)
cell B5=IF($A5>0,(($A5-$B$3)/100)*$B$1),(($A5-$B$3)/100)*(-$B$1))
** formula is for cell B5 and can be copied to B5 to B100
Just programming my new DX9 and came across this brilliant thread. Having read all the posts a couple of times I think I now understand the "magic" of Spektrum Tx mixes. So, a big thank you to all the posters here.......but .....being slightly OCD in character I have been using the excel spreadsheet method to help reinforce the learning. Here I ran into a small query on post #34 from ArchmageAU. (extract attached here).
Could I confirm if there are a couple of typos in the line that reads:-

cell B5=IF($A5>0,(($A5-$B$3)/100)*$B$1),(($A5-$B$3)/100)*(-$B$1))

Should it perhaps read:-

cell B5=IF(($A5-$B$3)>0,(($A5-$B$3)/100*$B$1),(($A5-$B$3)/100)*(-$B$2))

I would really appreciate a comment on this as it currently leaves me with an itch which I just can't seem to scratch.
Once again many thanks
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