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yesterday, i had my friend come over to shoot the headspeed for the set up of the phoenix 60. i was in normal mode, with a 0 flat throttle curve. we were using a sky tach optical tach. i began to raise point 2 in the throttle curve. everything was looking good. i wanted to try and achieve 1800 head speed for normal, and around 2000 for idle up. i got to 1800 at about 62%. when i went to 75%, it read 2020. i was just about to hit hold, (because obviously, there were gearing issues) and BOOM! the tail box rotated on the boom, and the tail blades hit the verticle fin. it also stripped the main gear, bent the tail rotor drive shaft, ripped the screws that hold the side plates onto the tail box, split the blade grip where the ball link attaches, one tail blade gone(can't find it anywhere) and trashed both bearings. not a good day for me.

at this point, i'm going to have to shelve this heli. i'm sure irwin would gladly replace the parts for free(he's that kind of a guy), but something tells me to just stop, take the loss, and get a raptor E550. all the electronics should work for the transfer.

i was very careful with this build. this is a big heli to me, and i wanted to make sure it was safe. maybe this build was beyond my skill level? the raptor seems like it really goes together easily, so i'm going to try it out soon. down the road, i will see where my interests take me as far as the fly is concerned.

i am in no way saying that this heli isn't a nice kit. most of the build was smooth. the frames seemed really solid. the bearings are not the greatest. i switched to boca bearings in the blade grips. some of the bearings were kind of notchy. the motor seemed fine, but i never flew it, so...

i would have to say, that i would NOT recommend this heli for a beginner, or even an intermediate pilot. i've built motorcycles, hot rods, i can fix almost anything. i can fly a real helicopter, but there are some things that OJT is a must, and rc heli's are in that catagory.

thanks for following along


i'd like to add that i was at zero pitch while performing the headspeed tests
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