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Originally Posted by Skywagon View Post
Great job watching great minds defining the "mystery" of the DX series of mixology. Hopefully, Spektrum with come up with an intuitive method for setting mixes in their next radio generation . .
I would not hold your breath. The next gen radios (DX6, DX7, DX9, etc...) still use the same mixing.

Once you have bent your mind to think this way, it's hard to un-bend (and makes model migration through the TX series harder).

The most logical TX mix method I have seen is on OpenTX (Trivial in comparison to Spektrum mixes). However learning OpenTX requires a new way of thinking about TX's in general (and why a lot struggle with it initially).

If you are starting to REQUIRE really complex mixing, Spektrum may not be your best bet. However if you want ease of use, field support and good corporate support, persisting with Spektrum (and warping your mix mind) may be your best bet.
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