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A PC graphical representation program probably wouldnt be that hard for someone to create. As far as the Spektrum team themselves putting one together I tend to think they have their hands full as it is.
We already have the Monitor function. This is already a good representation of the end result of all programming headed out to the Rx.

Curve Mixes with graphical representation are available on the DX18&G2 radios.
From what I have gathered the features/functions of the DX7s/DX8 are limited by the available processing power that is already pretty much used to its full capabilities already.

Using intermediate or ghost channels for mixing purposes is also possible on DX18/G2 radios. There are also several other limitations that have been overcome. Especially with heli mixes. Dedicated Multi type model functions add to this.

As far as the DX7s/Dx8 go what it is pretty much is all that is going to be available with the available hardware resources installed.
If your looking for more capabilities maybe its time for an upgrade.
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