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Originally Posted by RCBound View Post
Flexible parts help save servos yep. Or you can buy break away servo horns. I noticed I should probably rebuild a servo or two soon and I've never crashed hard enough to actually break the swash or horns.
Do what's best for your skill level, most people should find as their skill increases with the 230, they will be ready to move on to bigger better helis. "Save your bling money today, for a 500 tomorrow" so to speak
What makes you think you need to rebuild your servos?? there digital shouldn't they last for ever? and even longer w/o crashes.
they make break away arms for the 230? I knew they did for the 180.
I am not sure how i feel about the break away servo arms. i almost feel someone really pushing the heli could make em strip/jump in flight.

I got the 230s as a practice tool before to feel more conferable when flying my larger helicopters.
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