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Originally Posted by RCBound View Post
Digital does not equal invincible. Slop still forms.

I'm not sure if anyone makes breakaway horns specific for the 230. Breakaway are not the same as Slip style. Breakaway have a weak point designed to break if a crash happens. Slip style have the cut in them so it can expand and slip some teeth in a crash.

Yeah man that's great! This heli is supposed to be a practice tool. All I was saying at the end was save money, don't worry about upgrades parts unless the performance is greatly improved.
Oh, I was just asking so I would know, Slop, yeah that happens i guess, i have servos with hundreds of flights w/o slop or okay maybe they do have slop but not enough to worry with, mostly on planes but yeah on helicopter it could make a difference.

Thanks i didn't know they were two different types.
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