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Originally Posted by Mike680 View Post
Are the Zeal 238s measured from bolt hole to tip or root to tip? The stock 235mm blade length is measured overall from root to tip. I thought my 240mm Lynx blades for the 300X would only be 5mm longer, but they turned out to be 10mm longer in reality because they're a 240mm measured from the bolt hole to tip. Overall length is 245mm when measured the same way as the stock blades.

Nice flying, Brian. Have you modded anything on the head other than blades? I find the stock dampers to be very soft which causes wobbles on hard stops that aren't gain related. They're fine at first, but they degrade very quickly in well under 50 flights. Any idea if there will be some harder dampers released in the future?
Thank you. My 230S has the Blade Aluminum head and grips, as well as the Blade Aluminum tail case. The dampers are stock (and yes, pretty worn).

I no longer work for Horizon, so I haven't heard if there are new dampers coming. A pretty simple fix would be to use some thin shims, or just replace them. I THINK it may be possible to use the dampers for the 300CFX, but I haven't tried.

The Zeal blades length is measured from the root hole to the tip. 238mm.
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