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Originally Posted by toadiscoil View Post
A lot of people have resisted the urge to "bling" their 230s as they see them as trainers. So you feel the aluminum parts make a performance difference? I can understand the blades but what about those parts?

Also the 230 is tail-heavy will the aluminum tail case help or be about the same? How do you overcome the issue with CoG? I think the Microheli frame was going to try to shift around the electronic placement to correct this. I assume being still a Team pilot younger good deals on parts so why go Lynx or Microheli so how do you deal with the tail heavy feel?

And I have a similar question as the 360 how do you have your Tx configured?
IMHO, the aluminum option parts are just for looks, but they do look nice. I was still working for Horizon when the parts were installed on my heli. My tx is configured fully stock as the manual suggests, though I did lower gains a touch when I put on the Zeal blades.

I run the battery pretty far forward on the tray. I don't have any complaints with the way it flies, and it doesn't "feel" tail heavy to me.
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