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I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I completely agree that quick helis aren't for beginners. There are many steps during build that need to be done in different way than manual shows and few others steps in advance just to be sure.

From your pictures I have noticed two things. First, there are two screws that hold tail box on tail boom and there is one missing. Despite the fact, it's better to drill small hole through tail box and tail boom and use extra screw to ensure that tail box won't rotate on the boom.

Second, mounting tail fin on the same side as tail rotor isn't a good idea. I'm sorry that I had not noticed that and didn't warn you.

the other screw was put in later, . look at the caption under the pics of the tail. i said it wasn't tight yet. the tail fin only mounts on that side. the indents are there, and it's what the instructions tell you to do. look on their site, it's the same way, but i agree with you. some of the steps in the instructions were missing altogether. i'm not going to waste anymore time on it. it's stripped, and in the closet.
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