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Originally Posted by Sonny View Post
These things take time. No disrespect but what do you mean by that comment? Any other heli will take time. Learning to fly one in the first place. Time spent fixing crashes. Especialy if somethings not right in the setup. Do you really know why the heli did what it did? Are you sure you're not just buying into the status quo with regards to public opinion on QWW stuff? Not trying to endorse qww or anything here. A Trex 600 has to be right in just about every way to fly right. The forum is full of people with problems with them. Or at least there setup.
sonny, it took me over a month to build this thing. i see guys who put them together in 3 hours. have you ever seen a fly fly? i haven't either. and as far as buying into the publics opinion on qww stuff, i BOUGHT my heli, and built it. i'm not just complaining about it out of speculation. the first time i ran it, it failed. and i never even got to fly it, so learning to fly doesn't really apply here as far as i'm concerned. my 450, and gaui 200 fly great.

i did notice this in the instructions though.

Optionally, to prevent the Boom End from rotating, drill a 2.3mm hole in the side of the Boom End, then secure with an M2.5x6 Cap Head Bolt. We have not had issues of this split end boom rotating.
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