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Well I ran into some issues with my QWW Gas-Her you can read about in the other thread. I've only had it hovering a few times before problems. So I've got a taste of HHI's engineering. I know how you feel. Alittle more inspection in the clutch of my heli might have avoided a gear getting blown out. But the only thing keeping the clutch bell off the top of the shoes in the clutch is the starter hex socket and it's one grub screw that I had to reinforce with 2 more grubb screws. On and on with this type of thing from them. I'm getting the bugs out one at a time. But hell I've had to remachine some of the parts myself. Align said it's an option to put the set screw in the paddles on there 600s. Well I put them in. QWW says it's an option to put a screw in the tail case to tube. Guess what I would've done? Lo and behold you've got a pile of junk now. Sorry to hear that bro. Sorry to see ya give up on it with your invested time and money. At least my investment is still worth it in terms of all the aftermarket motor and electronics, even if I went with a completely different company's air frame. And I'm finding it to be an interesting endevor to get it to fly right and reliable. I hate giving up. Later
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