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Default looking for someone that can supply a flybarless rotor head

Hello all..
I am looking for someone that can supply parts or Full flybarless rotor head system for UAV. system . I know there are allot of places that all ready make them.. but seams none of them have any Interests in this project.. and I all ready know that most parts can be found but we really need one source for parts.
what we are looking for is a 2 blade flybarless Head for a 10mm main shaft and one for a 5mm main shaft..( two different size uavs) we need just the mechanics. we are all so looking for a 3 blade system.. if anyone out there is interested let me know.. we would like to try and find someone that makes the parts here in the USA. the main thing the supplier would have to do is be able to supply Material certification paperwork to show what materials where used in making the part.. (example if you say the part is made for Alu Alloy 6061 you must supply with the run of parts the Material Cert paper work for your Material Raw stock that was used )

if anyone out there interested shoot me a message

Thanks all ..
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