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Default Pixhawk Aux channels

I purchased a Tarot T4-3D gimbal that I will use on my hexcopter. During bench tests the gimbal works great. I can use 2 radio channels to control the tilt and pan of the gimbal while in stabilized mode.

I am using the Hobbyking Pixhawk knockoff for the flight controller and it is working great. Nice stable flights. 25 minutes of flight time on a 10Ah 6S battery.

I am trying to use the RC9 auxiliary outptut of the Pixhawk to control the tilt of the gimbal.

In Mission Planner, on the gimbal config settings I choose RC6 as the input and RC9 as the output for tilt. I leave the "Stabilize Tilt" box unchecked since the T4-3D Gimbal has its own controller.

I have a pot on my transmitter configured to output to RC6. In mission planner I can see channel 6 changing when I move the Pot.

The problem is the Pixhawk does not seem to be passing the RC 6 signal on to the RC9 output. Is there a setting in Mission Planner that I am missing? Anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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