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Originally Posted by reALIGNed View Post
Hi Al, I'm almost afraid to start another multi rotor project (since my last one ), but I mainly want to fly around with my camera, no racing, just a reliable gps and rth. I could lengthen the arms to accommodate the original props, or purchase 250 class motors/props.
But once I begin flying this tiny rig, its going to be hard to see, which leads me towards fpv . This way I can fly it further away, but I'm on a budget.
Only problems I see. The motors might not turn the props fast enough to provide enough lift. The ESCs in the phantom are really long. Those motors are heavy. The Naza V2 (I believe that generation had the v2) doesnt really have the best throttle control for a small rig. Oh and youll have to do some serious tuning as best as you can. Many of the ones I see with the Naza cannot eliminate oscillations.
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