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I paid $460 from Amain for same as above in same time frame and with a 10% off coupon.

More recently I purchased a never flown BNF with some upgrades and an extra orange canopy but minus the FBL and ESC for $250.00.

I think in today's market you are looking at a range of $200 to $550 from bare kit to fully equipped BNF with name brand electronics.

The prices I paid for each are the cost of one crash and being discontinued this helicopter, although the flagship of my fleet, is a fly until crashed and move on helicopter. I would think it would be very hard to justify buying one of these other than you think the 600X is really cool as I do and for the enjoyment of flying it.

Like wattflyer, I would not sell mine for the price paid. Mine will be flown until used up.
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