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Maybe someone can help me understand the throttle cut set up a little better since this is my first nitro its all new to me. This set up guide was a giant help I must say. I'm using a Vcontrol with the neo and mikado's newest software. As soon as I adjust my global throttle up to attain a good idle in the direct bank it also raises the throttle cut setting. so all subsequent flights I have no way to shut the motor off unless I turn the idle down or pinch the fuel line. It doesnt matter if I'm in direct, bank 2 or bank 3.

My throttle cut is dependant on my idle setting. If i raise the idle the cut raises and if I lower the idle the cut also lowers. If I make the throttle cut work (shut the engine off) then my heli won't idle at minimum stick. Or is that asking for too much? How do I get a good idle at min stick with a true throttle cut/engine off? Is that possible and I'm just missing or overlooking something?

Thanks for the help
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