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Default No flight trim flight

Not long ago, I posted positive results from taking the rotors off and performing a trim flight. A few people considered the possibility with an open mind.

Bill_Van even *endorsed* it! You remember him, right? The guy whose sticky in this this very forum discusses the no-flight trim flight for the 200 SRX?

Anyway, several people scoffed and said you can't do a trim flight without flight! I asked one of the local heli flyers I know (eight years flying) and the first thing he says is "I don't know anything about the 230s." He *did* say that he performs a similar procedure with his 600 heli by setting it on a bench, leveling it, and hooking it up to a computer. I don't know if his procedure is called "trim" or not.

It occurred to me that trim technology has changed. If you look at this video of the trim flight for the 230s:
First flight and tuning - 230 S (5 min 15 sec)'ll notice that NOT ONCE does the guy use the trim switches. That right there should be a clue. It seems to me that all the special button-pushing to get into trim flight mode is very similar to hitting buttons on a video game to activate a special move. This includes the "throttle must be at least half or greater." So basically, it's "Left, right, left, left, down, right" and etc to activate the trim flight mode and then it's just "hold it level."

If you're like me and you canNOT find a location uncontaminated by wind, then you might consider removing the rotors and leveling it first. It certainly worked for me and was even endorsed by Bill_Van.
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