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I have a quad and sometimes if it develops a drift the gyros need to be re-calibrated. You sit it on a level surface and move the sticks to a certain position. This makes sense for a quad because the hover in a level attitude.

What doesn't make sense to me about a no flight trim flight for the 230s is that like the quad you have the heli sitting on a level surface when you calibrate it. However unlike the quad a heli in a stationary hover does not hang level, it needs to lean right to compensate for the tail rotor trying to push the heli sideways. This is a common newbie question, "why does my heli lean right when it hovers?".

Some heli compensate for this by having the main shaft leaning to the right, even some full scale heli are built this way. I haven't paid attention to my 230s to see if it's built this way, not likely as that would make it out of trim inverted.

Anyways, that is why some people will say it can't be done. Me, I just say if it works for you then why not do it that way?
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