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Default Since my name was mentioned......

The "no flight trim flight" does work!

Is it perfect? No, but it will get you to a place where an actual trim flight will work. Provided there are no other issues with the aircraft!

As I have mentioned before, the 230S has a little too much lift potential which causes the frame to torque. BUT, the result from this effort did take a 230S that was totally unflyable and make it stable enough to do an actual live flight.

Most of this has been resolved with the last firmware/calibration procedure so it's best to upgrade and calibrate first. If it is not rock solid after this process, then move on the the trim flight.

My first 2 birds were replaced by HH, upon receiving the replacements, I removed them from the box, installed the update, did the calibration procedure and they have been flying prefect ever since. No trim flight was even necessary.

There is no perfect solution for every helicopter made as each one is slightly different in some aspect. I can assure you that the best way to resolve flight issues is 1 step at a time. Once that step is complete, it's either fixed or something else is mal-adjusted, bent, or broke!

SO, if the information helps, use it. If it didn't work for your specific application, keep looking for the solution from a different perspective. Debating whether it works or not is only valid if you've actually tried it. Speculation is useless. If I can help anybody, I will do my best based on my experience with that particular model. If you are not learning something every time you fly, you must be dead.
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