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I had the right drift issue when I first flew it. Did a trim flight and then I had left drift.. So I re-installed the latest update and re did the calibration. Took it out, left drift.. another trim flight and still... left drift.. So back to the lab I go.

Now, I am not sure if this matters but... for the next calibration, I decided to see if it was level left to right and low and behold, it was not. So I leveled it front to back and left to right for this calibration. Next test flight, I'm at about 6 feet and literally hands off for about 10 seconds. No drift, no nothing. Looks like a picture in the air. This is without another trim flight. Again, Im not sure that it matters or even if the software can calibrate left to right, but it worked.

The only issue I have now, is that annoying swash tilt before take off. Goes hard right and I have to hold left aileron heavy until I pop it off the ground. I wish it wouldn't do that but she flies so nice now, I don't even want to mess with it again.
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