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Default All good information!

When the 230S was first released, the early adopters (including me) found that the drift was almost to the point of making the heli unflyable. Since the target market was to the less experienced pilot, the chances of a successful maiden was reduced considerably. Personally, I didn't have a tipping issue and I didn't need to "pop" the heli off the ground. My success was probably due to experience and luck!

Several solutions, most of which didn't resolve the drift/tipping issues were posted by those that are true beginners to actual HH Staff. Complicating the matter was info from the manufacture that clearly did not help and in some cases, made everything worse!

My original intent was to post a procedure that would get the heli to a point where an actual live trim flight was possible. I found better results when the main blades were left on the heli, but the torque and rotational forces skewed the results..... BUT, it did work well enough to move on the to LIVE flight. This was good, but the real solution was the firmware update. Pure speculation, but originally, a trim flight would resolve the drift/tip issue but the next time you flew, the process started all over again.

I remember my first 230S flying so good after the trim flight that it was truly "hands off" once in the air. The spool up was slow and tipping was minimal. I was amazed! The next time I took her out, it was like starting over. SO, I believe part of the firmware update addressed that fact that the data was not being stored properly..... how else can you explain a perfect flight one day and the complete opposite the next day!

The addition of the calibration procedure addressed whatever was wrong in the original release. Trim flight now became a "fine tuning" for those that didn't get a solid calibration. Those that took a meticulous approach to the calibration procedure were rewarded with a heli that didn't even need a trim flight. Unfortunately, this hobby is quite complicated and a "good enough" or "close enough" attitude will show up someplace down the line!

That said....... if your 230S cannot spool up slowly, lift off evenly with very little tipping, it is NOT flying close to it's full potential!

The 230S is one of my favorites. If you can set it up properly, there is a good chance it will be a favorite of yours too! To those that say it's RTF and you shouldn't have to set it up out of the box, tune back into reality and concede now or consider changing to a ground based RC discipline.

These forums are a great resource. For the last time, if a procedure works for you...... you are ahead of the nay Sayers that sit on the sidelines. If you come up with a process that solves a problem, share it. If you duplicate the steps and it does not fix your problem, no reason to bash the OP since there might be another issue that is preventing the process from succeeding.

And most of all, try to remember this is a hobby. You should be honing your skills in every aspect, including your ability to share information in a polite and professional (read mature) manner. Good Flying, Good Luck!
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