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My personal opinion is that QWW would look better if they spent some energy on upgrade parts for there older machines. I mean Erwin has been nice to me as well. It's just that as well as my gas-her is made in alot of respects, there's still alot of little details in the engineering that can lead to disaster, or at least mechanical agrivation. I've gotten the clues that he is spending alot more energy making his newer stuff better. Alot of people have the older stuff still. And that will continue to haunt them if things don't get rectified. It's mostly little things like spacers here and there, better ways to support certain areas of the main shaft and starter/ clutch shaft, some head issues etc etc...Alot of guys don't have home machine shop equipment. Alot of guys simply don't have the experience in setup. That's the usual come back I hear from them: "Well so and so didn't set it up right." or "He didn't know what he was doing." All of which may be true to some extent. But if they sell to the general public, this aught to be considered. This gas-her is a really nice heli the way it's built. Yet I'm having a series of small detail problems that cause significant problems. Most of which are engineering issues that "I" have to solve. The only solution he mentioned to my head issues was to go ahead and put another companies head on it. I could buy another one of his thou.....
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