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Default Installing the module bay...

This is a HOW TO thread. Do not ask/discuss sales here as that will make this a commercial thread and the mods will (rightly so) move it from this forum. I'll edit this post as I complete the instructions. Feel free to ask install questions here.

First, use a TX10 screwdriver to remove the contour grips from the back.

I've created a drilling template.


Next use a drill press if you have one or a hand drill if you don't to drill a 1/8" hole at positions 1, 2, 3, and 4. Use a scrap of wood to back up the holes when drilling.


Drill a 17/64" hole at position 7.

There are 2 holes at position 5. Start with a 1/8" bit and then enlarge to 1/4" and then finally to 3/8". Then use a file or a dremel tool to remove the last bit of metal between the two holes at position 5.

Use a file or sanding block to remove any burrs from the inside of the back remaining from the hole 5 extra metal removal and use a 3/8" drill bit by hand (not in a drill) to remove any burr from the black side of the back.

Next use the provided 4-40x3/8" cap screws in holes 1, 2, 3, and 4 to mount the module bay. I like to get all 4 screws started first and then tighten them. The pin holes should line up with the long opening created at position 5 and the opening should clear the holes by about 0.1" on all sides.

Next, remove the backing from the double sided tape on the pin assembly and insert it thru the back plate and into the holes in the module bay as shown below. The perf board should sit to the right of the pins and the hole in the perf board will line up with hole number 6.

Drill a 1/16" hole thru the hole and double sided tape of the pin assembly board and thru the aluminum back. Use low speed an very little pressure.

Use the one remaining screw (#2 x 1/4) to secure the pin assembly. The screw should be just snug. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE SCREW SO MUCH THAT IT DEFORMS THE PERF BOARD. The double sided tape does most of the work. The screw just holds everything in place until the tape becomes permanent.

Of course, your pin assembly has wires attached....

Next remove the backing from the tape on the back of the red boost converter and attach it to the back just above the pin assembly and centered on the back. (See the photo below for a location that works)

Next, insert the 1/8" phone jack in position 7 (the last remaining hole) and tighten the retaining nut. The kit should be completely installed on the back and should look like this.

Use either hot glue or packaging tape to secure the wires near the boost converter and the sim jack. I've used yellow hot glue and it can be seen in the photo above.

Finally, plug the wiring harness into the jack on the main board in the transmitter and replace the back making sure the harness wires do not interfere with the gimbals.

Your install should be complete. Snap in a module, bind it to your model, and you should be good to go.

Suggested post install activitiy: sell your old legacy transmitters. You don't need them anymore.

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