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There are several (apparently very old) JR 50mhz module options out there and they appear to all be able to fit.

Also the idea is that you wouldn't take a Jeti receiver out and downgrade... But that if like me, you got 20-30 (cough cough... 80 some odd models) you fly and that entails a couple of competition planes, 700's or some heavy hitters... That you can really make use of Jeti receivers on, the Jeti becomes the be all / end all radio to have. But the missing module makes me look at 80 x $69 minimum to upgrade and use the Jeti... Esprit doesn't even stock that many.

Edit: That would be $5,520 in just receivers and have no telemetry except for RSSI.... No way that even makes sense. (Especially vs a $150 option that's exactly what I want and am used to...)

With the module bay, You just fly most of your fleet with the receivers already in em... Those models you want cascading safety measures, telemetry controls, and the full epic-ness of Jeti... (My Avant Mostro, Logo 690, Goblin 630C, 50ccYak...) You pop on Jeti receivers and telemetry. The rest it's pop in the jr module and fly... Easy peasy. (Heck if the new Jeti user comes from Taranis / 9XR that use JR modules anyway, you don't even rebind. Pop the module in the Jeti, and build your mix. Done!)

Outgrow the module? No problem. Buy a new back, unplug it and swap the new back on. The Jeti is back just like the day you bought it. Still bound to your hangar full of turbines, 40% ers and 770-800's...

The module just makes it millions of times easier for growing hobbyists like me to take advantage of having a Jeti.
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