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Originally Posted by Raleighcopter View Post
I think a mount that attaches to either the module bay or clips to the radio's handle might be in order. I suspect something like this is already available.

It would be nice if it simply snaps onto the handle so it can be easily removed when not in use or even just stay with the antenna when it is removed. A 50mhz antenna could be rather long at 1/4 wavelength (1.5 meters), and some might prefer a separate horizontal dipole or some other type than a vertical monopole antenna. 50 mhz is ham band and hams tend to do their own thing. I know, you should see the back of my house as I'm amateur extra licensed.
I was more thinking of beefing up the top of the module housing, and adding something like a flanged BNC connector, wired direct to the RF out pin for the module.

@gunny_jeeves JR 50MHz modules were current and built until the day JR decided to screw the market with non-modular radios, and are not very old. Myself, I'd fly 50MHz before I'd fly one of the cheezy Asian systems, and likely Spektrum, and my better model I plan to keep on 50 . . . . no need to fix something that isn't broken, and frankly, If I could have this radios feature set on 50MHz, I might not ever bother with 2.4 . . . .

And I'm an Extra as well . . .

- Tim
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