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I've been down there a few times. About a twenty minute drive. Erwin has been decent. There's still a number of unresolved issues that basicaly come down to spending more money or doing the mods myselfe. I bought the heli used for $1000 with a 611, Zimmerman pipe, 4-9252s, Zenoa 260, SAB 700mm blades. So it was still worthwhile. It would just be nice to see some upgrade or corrective stuff for these helis with issues rather then excuses. Even if it means buying the upgrades. I can point to at least 5 problems from the bottom of the main shaft to the head alone. Minor things that could cause big problems. These are design things, not build oriented things. On the bright side I've been getting plenty of ideas to make it into a really nice flying machine. But I do have a lathe and milling equipment. Like I said, the parts are made quite well. Just that details here and there have been overlooked or blown off for some reason or other. Hence the stories of in flight failiors become more believable. Don't get me wrong. I'm not into jumping on any bashing bandwagons. To use Erwins words- "I'm telling like it is" or how I see it. There's been issues with other makes. Usually they try to resolve them with new and upgraded parts for even moderately older machines.
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