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I'd agree 100% that ideally your average Jeti owner wants a new back to screw onto their existing Jeti radio. Plug and go.

I'd price it that way... Having the option of a kit, most folks would do as I did and buy a new back for it anyway.

Mechanically its not that much to it to install, but I'd agree about wanting it plug and play. That said, He could have made them more expensive and I would have still bought it.

It just arrived back today. Man it was totally worth it!!!

I got to basically slope soar the V911 (Windy...) but with increased throws, I could hold it against the wind and let off to climb, lean harder to come down... I just had a blast!

Did the chicken dance to takeoff too. Yep... Still got it. So my V911 was officially the first thing I flew on my Jeti...

Now I am programming in a couple of other options.

Plane - Likely will fly my Griffwerks Spirit of the Horde.
CP Heli - Probably gonna be the 300cfx or the 180cfx.
Quad - Simplecopter V-Tail...
First Jeti to Jeti - Logo 690 / MSH Brain...

Now I get to get into the nitty gritty with setting up the radio.

After seeing and feeling this module for the first time today, I have to say its great!

* The black material it is made of is a flat to satin finish... Looks extremely good with the Jeti back plate.
* Its sturdy throughout and the bezel is much thicker than I had expected. It will last the life of the radio I am sure.
* I can at least comment that it works with every module I have, AND that it works with the SIM jack as well while the module is there or if the module is gone. BOTH WAYS!

I can also come to the conclusion that I know how to make a plane or quad fly on it... but I will need to figure out how to make more normal things happen. (Gotta hit the books for that.)

I'm absolutely ecstatic with my purchase both from the module and the Jeti radios. I'd even prefer a finished back to pop on over the "kit" status, but then I guess I'd have four backs laying around... LOL. Not too practical for me...

In the end its sturdy, well made, looks like it belongs, still fits in the case, and works. If I can complain about anything, I sure as heck don't know what it is.

I'll get some video and do a nice review while flying stuff.
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