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Default Dx9 orange light flicker & partial self power up

Hi all,
As the title, the orange power light has randomly started to flicker with the screen partially becoming active .Tx power switch is off.

Last year i had a very similar issue so i sent the Dx9 to HH, they replaced the Led screen but said the orange light flicker maybe due to cold weather as no faults found !!!

I haven't used my Dx9 the last 2 months whilst away overseas at work, on my return to home, i switched the Tx to On & found it would not power up, it was dead.
It took a long time to charge but, the Tx powered up ok and shows 8.1v.

During the day i noticed the orange light again, randomly flickering with the Led screen attempting to become active, the dx9 is trying to self power up, power switch is off.

Has anyone had any similar issues?

I will send to HH but what bad timing, i am on leave for 3 weeks and want to fly.
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