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Question Naze32 rev5 and AR8000


This is my first post and my first QAV250 build.

I was searching the life out of my self to find how to connect the AR8000+DSMX to Naze32 (rev5) & dx7 (v2) black edt - and there is so many different posts.

I also got confused when searching for answers that there was no PPM in AR8000 - but still it should work right ? i never found a good answer for this.

Now, in cleanflight i have respons with the reciever. I did the dx7 binding with the Ar8000+DSMX so no problems there or...should i bind it with naze ?
Even "bricked" it when trying set commands
[ set spektrum_sat_bind = 9 ] i guess thats if you just have the sat ? re-flashed it with the boot trick to get usb connection to work again. Lesson learned.

Tried various brakeout cable connections.

This is the connection i ended up with:

(NAZE)G*1---> THRO(AR8000)

Cheers, i hope you can help a confused noob - that just wants to fly
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