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My turn...

This is my 40th year in R/C helicopters (42nd year in R/C) having started with an American R/C Revolution, fixed pitch, .40 sized machine back in 1976. I live near Los Angeles, California, and collect R/C helicopters (actually tried to collect one of everything for a while and then gave up).

I was a field rep for HeliCenter West (Schluter) in the late 1970's and GMP in the early 1980's. I did some TV work flying model helicopters (Knight Rider and Airwolf), and some feature film work (Defense Play, Hard Ticket to Hawaii), back in the early 1980's.

I have been flying KBDD products for almost eight years now, starting out as a Field Representative, then a Team Pilot, now as Team Manager. I have done quite a bit of testing for KBDD (paddles, blades, and dampers) over the years. I love the way the KBDD Blades fly on everything from my Nano CPX to my Compass Chronos (700).

I am also the Team Manager for Compass/Nankin Hobbies in the U.S., a Team Pilot for JR Americas, and a Field Representative for Western Robotics.

I would like to state that we have an absolutely great group of KBDD Team Pilots going into 2016!
KBDD-Team Captain, JR DFA Team Pilot. Forza 450, Forza 600N, Forza 700,
Compass 6HV-U, Warp, 7HV,Knight Pro,Knight 3D, Atom, Odin II, 6HV, 3D Plus, Knight 50, Chronos, Velos, Steam 550 and 600, OMP M2 (and anything else I can get my hands on...).
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