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Default Robert Parker team helinut

started this hobby in 2013. have built scale heli's, night flying heli's, small heli's,

flybar heli's, & big heli's. I currently own a Compass ATOM 500, Blade 230S 100%

Microheli. T-Rex 500 DFC, Speed Fuselage Night Flyer w/ custom L.E.D.main Blades

and KBDD tail night blades. T-Rex 700L Dominator Top, Custom Speed Fuselage,

custom MaskPro canopy, Agile 7.2, Align 450 Pro DFC, & my tiny favorite MCPX.

All my flyer's fly KBDD blades. I love anything and everything that makes rc helicopters

fly. My passion for this hobby is off the charts, I'm the bombastic trump of passion for

helicopters. I'm a 12 year old child witnessing miracles and wonders when I get around

these machines. the excitement can not be contained. first year and half was about my

scale magnum p.i. MD 500. my 3D flying begun approx.1.5yrs ago. my style today is big

air, smooth, with 3d mixed in. Always learning and trying to improve.

I also represent Revolectrix chargers, batteries.

(((code: parker16 @ checkout 10% instantly, revolectrix batteries)))

MicroHeli team pilot (micro & 230s).

other tid-bits about me, love golf, lived in Arizona, grew up in north Cali. 14 yrs. dental

hygienist, business owner, I drive privately for clients, did Uber for a year, good

husband, and dad. I live in southern California, orange county. I'm a peoples person, so

come and find me at the next funfly, if you do find me, I'll have giveaways for all my old

friends and new friends I haven't met yet. ROBERT PARKER
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