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Default Nitro Glow Switch Setup Guide Using Macrocells On Neo

Been asked how to set up a glow switch on a Neo using Macrocells a few times now so here is how I set it up, there may of course be other ways but I know this way works as I've done it several times now.

Firstly, power up your Neo and V Control
Go to Model Setup, Macrocells, Edit Macrocells
You then get a complete list of all available channels that you can edit in Macrocells, choose whichever channel you have the Auto Glow etc plugged into, in my case I plug it in Aux 1 on the Neo.

You will then see various options on the screen, select 6AUX1 on the left side of the screen (this will differ depending on which AUX channel you chose) which then gives you the option of how you want to control whatever it is you're trying to set up, in this case a Auto Glow etc so here I select 'Three' as in three position switch.

I like it set up on the click part of the sprung loaded left switch which in my case is 'Sw Op 1' which you select in the 'Input' box. This can be whichever switch you choose and is personal preference of course.

On the right hand side of the screen you should now have 3 x boxes....Out High, Out Centre and Out Low. The next part will now depend on how you have all your switches configured but for me Out High is pushing the left sprung switch away from me so it clicks. You basically need whichever position on your chosen switch that will turn on the Auto Glow etc to be a positive number so I just set it at 100. Now, the other two positions on my switch I no longer want to have any effect so these need to be set to a - number so I set them at -100.

You will now see (if you've got your switch setup correctly of course!) that when you flick the switch there is a vertical bar showing that its active and also the number will change to 100 at the bottom right of the screen and you should now have the tone etc warning you the Glow is turned on.

I hope this helps, not easy if you've never done it before but the main thing is making sure you select the correct switch etc.
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