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Originally Posted by Brian Bremer View Post
Swash plate drift;

The swash plate slow drift in stability mode is normal, this is how SAFE works. The severity of the drift will depend on how far the model is off from level. Please do not try to adjust trims to minimize this as this will only cause the agility flight modes to drift as well.

As the model spools up and begins to lift off the system will position the swash plate in the necessary position.

The Roll, Pitch and Yaw neutral positions are memorized during initialization so using the transmitter trim adjustments are unnecessary.
Hi Brian,

I did the trim flight procedure and my 230s is rock solid in hover, no trim necessary, for the first 1 - 2 minutes. But after this amount of time, and increasingly until landing at the 5 minute mark, the 230s wants to drift more and more to the right (only). This certainly doesn't seem correct. Any ideas what I can do for this problem?

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