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Originally Posted by Phoebe View Post
Alright, once more.....

If I buy an X3, can I expect parts to be available for at least a couple years? Maybe more?
I suspect parts support will be available. You won't need much in a repair kit, to be honest. Main gear, is about it really, and if you hit TH early enough, not even that. Of course you'll need blades, but if you go to an aluminum lower plate, gorilla skids and an aluminum bearing block, you'll be set for the most part. 99% of my crashes have need just blades. Spindle and main shaft has never bent. Tail shaft hasn't either, until I went to a lynx tail shaft and pulley (have to take tail apart, may not even be bent, could be something else).

With my first crashes I took the head and everything apart. After that, I don't even bother, when I bend the shaft, the crash will have take the heli apart for me already.
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