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I'm late to the party it seems!

I'm 39 years of age, and from Muncie, IN. By trade I am a retail merchandising specialist with a focus on Consumer Electronics

I've been into the Helicopter side of the hobby for five years now, and going on six come November. My first KBDD Blades were purchased after my very first Collective pitch helicopter met Terra firma, in a not so graceful manner, on it's third hover... Been using KBDD products ever since, in some form or fashion; tail blades, dampers, etc.

I am also a Field Representative for Compass Model, and recently just stepped down from OMG. I have another sponsorship I am optioning at this point in time as well, but I don't want to spoil that one just yet.

Before helicopters, I was pretty heavy into the RC cars, buggies, and trucks for many years, and raced on an amateur basis locally from the late 1980's to the mid 1990's. My uncle was Sponsored by Team Losi for many years, and he was the one that got me into the RC cars.

I have been fascinated with helicopters since I was a wee lad. My father knew a couple full scale pilots, and we tended to get a free ride now and then when they would work the state fair, or another event where helicopter rides were present. My dad made certain that helis were always cemented in my mind.

As I told Ah_Clem before, Airwolf was our favorite show of which we never missed an episode. Small world that the Team manager of one of my sponsors in the hobby I love worked on that show!

My Current Fleet
Compass Chronos 700
Compass Atom 550U (getting ready to purchase and have most of the electronics for)
Align Trex 600N DFC Conversion
Thunder Tiger Raptor N700 (E700) Converted to Nitro that I am building for a friend, and will be making delivery at IRCHA 2016.

All of which are or will be equipped with KBDD main and tail blades.
Oxy Heli NitrOxy 5 | Oxy 5 MEG | Oxy 4 Max | Protos 700 Nitro (x2) | SoXoS Strike 7
Teams: KBDD International, HeliDirect, Xpert RC USA, Lynx/Oxy, Pulse Battery, iKon Flybarless
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