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Yesterday I took my 250 for it's first hover/flight. I just get her up in the air and boom tail wag, baaad. So I dial it down till I can get a steady hover, now I've got some other problems unrelated to tail wag. So Im doing a test and tune at this point. Got it locked in nice, hands free hover, super stable for a 250.

At this point I decided (and I had a feeling I shouldn't have) that I'm gonna actually do a couple circles maybe a fig 8 or two and call it a day. Come up 20' or so and start flying. I make a right hand banked turn and as I exit the turn the tail goes crazy. I lost a bit of altitude by this point, and I'm close to the ground but I've got it under control, its all good and fine, thank god....then my right thump went full dumb. Caught the earth with the tip of the blade...I didn't get to TH fast enough. Minor damage, tail boom, one way bearing, main gear, feather shaft, and tail boom brace, blade grip (blade grip makes me mad, only because the threads pulled out, seriously?!?!?!) I will add the the tail wag exiting the turn was far worse then it was when I made my initial gain adjustments.

I'm only 4 months into this hobby so bare with me please. This would be a mechanical issue since the hover was good correct? Or do i still need to turn the gain down even more?

Futaba gy520 gyro
Spektrum radio sys.
Align electronics.
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