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When you say crazy did it just start piro'ing uncontrollably - counter clockwise (counter to the main blade) or did it develop a fast wag left and right.

If it piro'ed uncontrollably, I'll bet the rear umbrella torque tube gear is no longer solidly attached to the tail drive gear shaft. The one mounted in the tail gear box driven from the main gear. After you pull the gear box, hold the umbrella gear and spin the drive gear and if it spins - it's the umbrella gear.

If that is the case, search the treads in the forum on how to epoxy it back on and include a new set of drive gears with your parts order - they wear out, too. In fact, since it's the start of the season, I would order two sets of both the tail drive gears and the torque tube umbrella gears. Crashes can mess up those umbrella gears and you start getting bad vibes.
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