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My "Normal" Throttle Curve is just used for Take-Off and Landing... it is set as 0, 30, 30, 30, 30

I take off in "Normal" mode... I bring the throttle up to 30% and the motor does a nice soft start and ramps up to speed... I then slowly add more collective until the heli gently lifts off.

I then flip to IDLE 1 or IDLE 2 depending if I want a slow headspeed or a fast headspeed and fly.

I flip it back to "Normal" mode when I am ready to land. I bring it close to the ground and slowly lower the collective. When I am at about 30% throttle, the heli is just an inch or so above the ground and the motor cuts out and it float gently to the ground as I continue to lower the throttle to 0, which in effect, is lowering the collective from 0 to -1 degrees.
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